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Afghanistan: Bullets And Burqas

Najibullah Quraishi follows a group of Afghan women who have signed up to fight the Taliban and ISIS.

Last month's massive bombings in the capital, Kabul, have underscored the difficulties the Afghanistan government has been having recently in containing a resurgent Taliban, backed...

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ISIL: Target Russia

Thousands of ISIL fighters are training in the mountains of Afghanistan, plotting an attack on the Kremlin.

But following President Vladimir Putin's policy of military involvement in Syria, Russia may have taken its place as ISIL's main target. Click to watch...

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ISIL And The Taliban/ISIS In Afghanistan (Al Jazeera & Frontline PBS)

Raising its black flag over the rugged mountainous regions of Afghanistan, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has emerged as a new threat to the war-ravaged country as it battles the Taliban for supremacy.

Employing violence and brutality to impose its will ,  Wilayat Khorasan, (the...

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Living Beneath The Drones

The devastating impact that war and living under the constant threat of drones has had on the people of Afghanistan. Twenty-eight-year-old Sadiqullah worked as a cook in a hotel in Afghanistan's Pech District when US drones targeting Taliban fighters hit the...

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The Girls Of The Taliban

An insight into a girls' school in Afghanistan which imposes an even stricter interpretation of Islam than the Taliban.

Kunduz in northern Afghanistan is the country's fifth largest city and home to more than 300,000 people.

It was once a Taliban stronghold where...

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Growing Up Behind Bars

Hundreds of young children in Afghanistan are being forced to share a jail cell with their mothers; women who in many cases are protesting their innocence or have been convicted of so-called moral crimes.

Many of those children are facing years...

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The Other Side Of War

It is clearly not the reality the Afghan government wants publicised. Still less the west,...

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Taliban Child Fighters

Channel 4 Dispatches (UK) ZDF (Germany)

After more than one decade of fighting against NATO and the Afghan Government, the Taliban still remain a powerful enemy of the Afghan Government and their western backers.

Taliban Child Fighter, a breathtaking documentary film, tells...

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My Enemy's Enemy

Al Jazeera English (international)

Starting in 2012, an uprising by local people did something that NATO forces had been unable to after more than a decade of trying, and kicked the Taliban out of one of their own strongholds. Najibullah negotiated...

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Opium Brides

PBS Frontline (USA), ABC Four Corners (Australia)

In many remote parts of Afghanistan, local farmers are being forced to give up their own children to drug traffickers closely allied to the Taliban in order to save their own lives. Najibullah exposes...

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Fighting For Al-Quaeda

PBS Frontline (USA), ABC Four Corners (Australia)

Journeying deep inside enemy territory, Najibullah again gains extraordinary access to an armed group in Afghanistan, this time, a band of militants and foreign fighters who say they're loyal to bin Laden and that...

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The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan

Channel 4 (UK), PBS Frontline (USA), ABC Four Corners (Australia)

Najibullah returns to his native land to expose an ancient practice that has been brought back by powerful warlords, former military commanders and wealthy businessmen. Known as ‘bacha bazi’ (literal translation:...

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Behind Taliban Lines

Channel 4 (UK), PBS Frontline (USA), ABC Four Corners (Australia), Al Jazeera

The war in Afghanistan is frequently reported from the frontlines by journalists embedded with US and international forces. However, the war is almost never seen from the other side....

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Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death

Five (UK), ARD (Germany), RAI (Italy), SBS (Australia), CBS (Canada)

This film tells of the horrific journey undertaken by thousands of Taliban prisoners who were inhumanely squeezed into containers on the way to Sheberghan Prison, following their surrender to America's Afghan...

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