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16th February, 2015

The Girls Of The Taliban

An insight into a girls' school in Afghanistan which imposes an even stricter interpretation of...

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16th February, 2015

Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar?

Eight years ago the British Army arrived in Helmand in Afghanistan confident they could keep the peace, defeat the Taliban and rebuild the impoverished province. Now Britain's troops...

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16th February, 2015

Growing Up Behind Bars
Published on 31 Jul 2014
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3rd April, 2014

Other Side Of War

Tune Channel 4 News on Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014, our latest Afghan documentaries

Which is why our latest film with  fighters in Kunar province matters so much at this time. Filmmaker Najibullah Qureishi managed, after months of planning and negotiation, to spend just a few hours with a small band of...

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30th September, 2013

Opium Bride, win the Emmy Awards

Najibullah Quraishi win THE 34th ANNUAL

The News & Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented on Tuesday, October 1 at a ceremony at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, located in the Time Warner Center in New York City.  Mr. Najibullah Quraishi has travelled to the...

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19th July, 2013

Taliban Child Fighters

After more than one decade of fighting against NATO and the Afghan Government, the Taliban still remain a powerful enemy of the Afghan Government and NATO.  Taliban Child fighters, a breathtaking documentary film (scheduled for broadcast on Channel 4 at 8:00pm on Monday, July 22, 2013) tells the story of...

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24th January, 2013

Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award

Reporter Najibullah Quraishi won the prestigious Alfred duPont Columbia University Silver Baton Award for his Opium Bride documentary film. Mr. Quraishi received this award at Columbia University in New York City on January 23, 2013.
In his documentary, Mr. Quraishi uncovered a terrible consequence of the Afghan government’s war on...

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16th January, 2013

Broadcast of My Enemy's Enemy

Our latest  Documentary (My Enemy's Enemy) will broadcast from Al Jazeera English (international) on 16th Jan and will be repeated in below times and dates.
Wednesday, 16th Jan, 22.30 (UK Time)       3:00am (Afganistan)
Thursday,    17th Jan, 9.30  (UK Time)        2:00pm (Afganistan)
Friday,        18th Jan, 3.30   (UK Time)        8:00am ...

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19th December, 2012

Columbia University Awards

Reporter Najibullah Quraishi uncovered a terrible consequence of the Afghan government’s war on poppy production; rural families forced to give their daughters to drug traffickers because they were unable to repay borrowed money after crops were destroyed by the government eradication program. Interviews with poppy farmers reveal a commitment to...

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17th July, 2012

ABC Opium Brides News

Reporter Najibullah Quraishi journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the personal and social devastation the Government's counter-narcotics program is causing.Would you hand over your daughter to pay a debt; or even to save your own life? That's the position faced by many farmers in Afghanistan - a country...

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16th July, 2012

Four Corners: Opium Brides

Monday night’s Four Corners screens the PBS Frontline‘s report on “Opium Brides,” reported by Najibullah Quraishi and produced by Jamie Doran who previously brought us The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.

In remote areas of Afghanistan, farmers are being forced to give up their children to drug traffickers when they can't...

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9th May, 2011

4 Corners Interview

Read more about events surrounding the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and hear more from Najibullah Quraishi

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9th May, 2011

Fighting For Bin Laden

In the weeks before the death of Osama bin Laden senior US officials claimed that Al Qaeda in Afghanistan had been all but eliminated. Now a courageous Afghan journalist embeds himself with a unit of fighters swearing allegiance to Osama bin Laden. While spending time with them he tries to...

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20th February, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines

Award-winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi spent an extraordinary 10 days living and filming with an insurgent cell, allied with Al Qaeda to sabotage a key U.S./NATO supply route. There were some lucky escapes, as Quraishi's own luck began to run out.

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25th November, 2010

Rory Peck Award

Every year, the Rory Peck Awards pay tribute to the freelance camera operators who risk their lives to gather pictures from the world's most dangerous places. This year's winner in the Features Category is an Afghan, Najibullah Quraishi

Afghan-Brit Najibullah Quraishi has won the Rory Peck Award for Features...

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9th July, 2010

Dorothy Rabinowitz Article

Films that can offer a glimpse or more of behind-the-lines warfare are nowadays not a rarity, but there is, in those candid views of the particular war now raging in half the world, a uniquely chilling power—a kind immediately evident in "Behind Taliban Lines"

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10th May, 2010

BAFTA Nomination

Current Affairs; Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines (Dispatches)

Najibullah Quraishi, Jamie Doran, John Moffat, Paul Woolwich

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21st March, 2010

About:Middle East Issues

About:Middle East Issues (Pierre Tristam):

As PBS' Frontline usually is, this is a remarkable documentary and a must-see for anyone interested in seeing inside the Taliban mentality: "Behind Taliban Lines,"

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24th February, 2010

Cynthia Fuchs Review

The struggle to interpret Afghan insurgent groups accurately is nothing new. Outsiders have tried to explain their dynamics for centuries. Most have achieved only mixed results.

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23rd February, 2010

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Over six months an Afghani journalist, Najibullah Quraishi, has risked his life to document the practice of Bacha Bazi (boy play), where young men are forced into prostitution serving the needs of rich and powerful men.

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23rd February, 2010

Frontline Interview

I was in Afghanistan for another film for FRONTLINE and at the end of that, while I was in Kunduz, in northern Afghanistan, a guy approached me and said, "You are one of my favorite reporters" -- he was watching me on TV -- and he said

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23rd February, 2010

Behind Taliban Lines

The war in Afghanistan is frequently reported from the frontlines by journalists embedded with US and international forces. However, the war is almost never seen from the other side.

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22nd February, 2010

New York Times (Mike Hale review)

The Afghan Side of War; By MIKE HALE; Published: February 22, 2010

Last fall the Afghan reporter Najibullah Quraishi was surprised to find himself operating as an embedded journalist.

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6th February, 2010

Behind Taliban Lines Article

The war in Afghanistan is frequently reported from the frontlines by journalists embedded with US and international forces. However, the war is almost never seen from the other side. Last fall, veteran Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi put out word that he would like to interview one of the new Taliban...

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1st February, 2010

Channel 4 Feature

Award-winning Afghan reporter Najibullah Quraishi writes about his experiences making the documentary

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6th January, 2010

The Firing Line BBC

The Firing Line: BBC

Najibullah Quraishi has been mentioned in BBC’s The Firing Line. He won the Rory Peck Awards of 2010 in Features Category for his film “Behind the Enemy Line”.

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8th September, 2008

Afghan Massacre

The film was researched by award-winning journalist Najibullah Quraishi.

Produced and directed by Irish filmmaker and former BBC producer Jamie Doran, the film tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US military’s Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz 

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