Broadcast of My Enemy's Enemy

Posted on 16th Jan, 2013

Our latest  Documentary (My Enemy's Enemy) will broadcast from Al Jazeera English (international) on 16th Jan and will be repeated in below times and dates.
Wednesday, 16th Jan, 22.30 (UK Time)       3:00am (Afganistan)
Thursday,    17th Jan, 9.30  (UK Time)        2:00pm (Afganistan)
Friday,        18th Jan, 3.30   (UK Time)        8:00am  (Afganistan)
Saturday,    19th Jan, 16.30 (UK Time)       9:00pm  (Afganistan)
Sunday,      20th Jan, 22.30 (UK Time)       3:00am  (Afganistan)
Monday,     21st Jan, 9.30   (UK Time)        2:00pm  (Afganistan)
Tuesday,    22nd Jan, 3.30   (UK Time)       8:30am  (Afganistan)

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