Zabihullah Noori

Mr. Zabihullah Noori is one of the few Afghan journalists with a graduate degree in journalism and mass communications from the USA. Mr. Noori has covered the Constitutional Grand Assembly, the two Presidential Elections of Afghanistan and two Parliamentary Elections of Afghanistan. He has also covered the 2008 US Presidential Elections. Mr. Noori has worked as television news manager at Moby Media Group’s Tolo TV in 2009. Mr. Noori is deputy director of Afghanistan Journalists Center and a member of the editorial board of the Healing magazine. 

His work has been vastly acknowledged, winning him awards and acclaim. His documentary film “Holy Hunger in the Midst of Plenty” won the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter Emmy Awards, the 2008 Bronze Telly Award and the 2008 Videographer Award of Distinction.

Mr. Noori studied English literature at Balkh University and obtained his master’s from Arizona State University in journalism and mass communications. In addition to news writing and documentary production Mr. Noori has written analysis and editorials for Afghan and international media.

Mr. Noori has worked in various capacities in journalism, media and communications since 2003. He has worked as reporter, cameramen, news editor, managing editor, television news manager, communication specialist, media and communications manager and documentary producer and director.  

Alongside journalism, Mr. Noori has conducted several independent investigations for private law firms and the legislative branch of the US government.  Above all, Mr. Noori is a top class translator in Farsi/Dari, Pashto and Urdu.    

Mr. Zabihullah Noori is the chief investigator/researcher at Quraishi Films for Asia and Arab countries.szs

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